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Thank You Notes


Thank you for the memories:


Camp Skyline Ranch:

Carol attended Camp Skyline Ranch in Mentone, Alabama and served as a Junior Counselor there also. Her "Skyline Friends" and the memories she shared with them will forever hold a special place of joy in her heart. Love to Candy Harrell, Libba Birmingham, Karen Jones, Phoebe Cook, Lendon Hamilton, Cheryl Troup, Zan Barlow, Alida Foster, and Eloise Temple. 


Solstice MFA Program Staff and Colleagues:

Carol's writing colleagues and instructors, including Solstice MFA Director Meg Kearney, Assistant MFA Director Beth Grosart Little and former Assistant MFA Director Tanya Whiton, with their joie de vivre and artistic brilliance, hold a very special place in her memories.


School years and Sweet Friends:

Carol also treasures her elementary (Johnson), junior high (Richards), high school (Columbus High School) and college friends at Converse College, The University of Alabama and Pine Manor College "Solstice MFA Family" and keeps them close in her conversations and memories. Her CHS Class of '68 Classmates are forever-Friends embraced in her highest esteem. 


Chi Omega Sisters:

Carol especially holds affection and admiration for her Chi Omega Sisters of the Nu Beta Chapter of Chi Omega at The University of Alabama. These brilliant, "beautiful-inside-and-out" young women enhanced her life with their friendships and encouraged her dreams to come true. She cannot thank them enough. (Carol's endearing thanks goes to Cathy Johnson Randall who hosted the Book Launch Party for LOOK AWAY NO MORE at her home in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and for all the sorority sisters who attended the party.)  



My "Thank You Notes," referenced in the novel, will appear here soon.